Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Using these Essential Oils for healing purposes is often called aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health. ... Heal skin conditions. I use so many different Essential Oils in my Bath products. I have found Dr Axe has a website with great information to use as a resource.  Below are a few and their benefits:


Rest and relaxation . Improves sleep and Reduces anxiety and emotional stress. Great for getting in a relaxing mode.


Detoxifying effects and fighting depression, eliminate feelings of sadness, disappointment, and sluggishness while inducing a sort of happy or charged feeling. Even smelling these oils can help a lot in overcoming depression and bringing about a good mood.


Energy-cold cough flu and allergies. Great for the sinuses. Benefits are due to the ability to stimulate immunity and provide antioxidant protection and improve respiratory  circulation.


Has been used for centuries to help beat inflammation, weight gain, sugar cravings and even hangover symptoms, it’s considered a natural stress-fighter, anti-inflammatory.


This Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, and it uplifts spirits and fights depression. This also relieves anxiety.

Tea tree oil

Also known as melaleuca, is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds.  widely used throughout  for at least the past 100 years. And for over seven decades, attacks strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Great for skin issues like eczema and acne.


Improve memory, Soothe digestive system and relieves muscle aches and pains.


Peppermint essential oil’s scent invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. Cool and soothing effects.