May 2016 I was hospitalized and underwent a double nephrectomy (a removal of both kidneys). Soon after I began my journey of dialysis and was placed on a transplant list, with prayers of one day receiving my blessing.  After an extended stay in the ICU and hospital (17 days to be exact)  and a couple week stay at a close friends (more like sister) to rest and rehabilitate,  I could finally walk up the flight of stairs into my home. Thankfully, I had finally made it home. Dialysis started three days a week and I wasted no time getting back to work (what's a Virgo to do?). Finally, It was my first day back to the office. As I was headed home I was was rear ended on the highway in rush hour traffic. PAIN! While I had plenty of prescribed pain medications, I don't like putting pharmaceutical medications into my body that I don't absolutely need. In 2011 I embarked on a clean eating lifestyle, avoiding processed foods, embracing whole food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and most importantly healthy proteins and fats. 

One evening, I was in so much pain. I felt absolutely horrible, I couldn't get comfortable nor sleep. I decided to do the one thing I have always done when I want peace quiet and tranquility. I poured  Epsom salt, Himalayan Salt and some Essential oils into a warm running  bath. I soaked in the back for about a half hour, shortly after I was back in bed and slept like a baby. Finally, the relief I had been seeking! 

The next morning I started doing research on the benefits of Himalayan salt. I was amazed at all the information and research that existed! I found pure salt lamps and purchased these lamps for my home. Soon they arrived and I started making my own Bath Salts. I began to feel my energy levels increase. I had no more allergy issues and I was sleeping better than I had in years.  

I can't scientifically prove all the benefits of Himalayan, Epsom salt and essential oils, but I can personally testify to them and so can our customers!  

I have worked with small business owners for the last 20 years and I have always admired  their work ethic, determination and passion for what they've created. The most successful companies seem to be the ones who believe in their work, products and people.  

I have been with my company for 10 years and enjoy what I do greatly.  But in 2016 I had a calling from the creator to start my own small business. With the little voice in my head continuously saying " why don't you start your own small business" I thought to myself what would I do? I wanted to do something that I truly believed in and then it hit me! Why not share my experience and make and sell my Bath Products that I believe in! Himalayan bath products and essential oils!  

Now what would I call this company? 

A name that had powerful meaning and importance to me was the word "Alabee". Although this is probably not a word that you've ever heard of, please allow me to explain. When my children were very young the one word my oldest daughter couldn't say was "I love you" she said "a la bee". So we began to say "Alabee" to each other  instead of "I love you".  It feels great when someone says I love you and when you feel loved. That's what Alabee bath is all about, making you feel great and making you feel loved!  My bath salts and bath bombs have the ability to make you feel great, think of it as an I love you from Alabee Bath!  Our products are handmade and made with L O V E ! 

The bath products that have a way of making you feel loved, relaxed and refreshed.